“I first tried Barre Forte because a friend invited me. I was a little hesitant, because I am prone to exercise induced rhabdomyolysis, which I had endured with other group fitness classes. I was pleasantly surprised when all of the instructors at Barre Forte were in tune to my limitations and adjusted the workouts accordingly for me! Barre Forte has been a life changing experience for me. I have not only lost 15 lbs, but I am also making great friends and changing my “idea” of working out to something that is fun.”
Lindsay G*

I love Barre Forte. I recently moved to Denver and was looking for a place that offered barre classes similar to what I had been taking in CA. I found Barre Forte and loved it immediately! The instructors are always positive and encouraging, and they push you to your full potential at every workout, so every muscle gets worked! Plus, there is so much variety to the different classes and workouts that I never feel bored. In just a few weeks, my friends were already commenting on how toned I was looking! I continue to see improvements to my overall fitness and that just adds to my excitement to get to my next class!
Jennifer D*

Like many women my age, my bottom “fell” as I got older and no longer had any shape. I started coming to Barre Forte with a friend in the Fall of 2012, at the age of 63. The other day, I passed a mirror in my house and glanced at it as I went by; I had to go back for a second look… I didn’t recognize my own derriere! Thank you to all the wonderful and very encouraging instructors at Barre Forte – they are the best!
Linda S*

“The instructors are fabulous as are the staff. I Love how each class is different and I always leave knowing I got the best workout!”
Heather A*

“I love Barre Forte for the community it provides. It’s familiar, friendly faces and a positive, inclusive, and women empowering women environment.”
Cassie S*

“I am a barre addict, and regardless of how many times I attend class I’m constantly challenged! The instructors are motivating and kick our butts!”
Sherry E*

“The classes are super challenging and the staff at the studio is so friendly. I also love how the studio looks inside – nice change from most barre studios.”
Jen E*

“I love the vibe of the studio and everyone that works there. It’s small and familiar and has everything I need.”
Caitlin D*

“I love that it changes from class to class. The instructors are all awesome and motivating. It’s a really fun environment.”
Christine C*

“I love Barre Forte! Everyone is always friendly and encouraging throughout class. What struck me right away was how they empower women to be their best and to feel strong and beautiful.”
Monique B*

“The different variety of classes has renewed my hope of getting into shape. Fun and friendly atmosphere.”
Lisa G*

“I love Barre Forte and the culture that is so welcoming to people of any level of fitness. Each class pushes you as much as you would like without being intimidating.”
Carol D*

“The instructors and staff are incredibly welcoming, and they make you feel special as soon as you walk in the door. The space is clean and inviting, and creates a place perfect to clear your mind of daily worries and focus on your body for the time you are there. I have enjoyed the workout and people tremendously, and I have left each class feeling revitalized.”
Jayne-Marie R*

“I love Barre Forte! I’m an older lady who definitely needs some modifications to some of the exercises… I never feel intimidated or out of place in class! I highly recommend Barre Forte!”
Lisa T*

“I love the low impact yet very effective workout I get at Barre Forte. The instructors are friendly and knowledgable and the people are so welcoming. I started going as a way to stay active during my pregnancy and it has really paid off. It has helped me keep my energy levels up (at almost 37 weeks) and I feel great! I feel like I haven’t gained a tremendous amount of excess weight during my pregnancy because of Barre. I am so happy I found Barre Forte. I would recommend Barre Forte to anyone. it’s truly amazing and the routines change so much you never get bored.”
Ionna W*

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