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The Barre Forte Method

Barre Forte is the most effective and safest way to transform your body, and we are passionate about bringing the benefits of barre fitness to everyone. Our method includes using small weights, high repetition, and deep muscle contraction to overload muscles. After a muscle group is exhausted, we elongate that muscle group with a series of stretches before moving on to the next muscle group. Barre Forte also believes in activating muscles rather than forcing muscles to work by creating resistance through proper body alignment, rather than by using heavy weights.

Barre Forte Teacher Certification has been approved by American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a continuing education provider.

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Certification Description


Barre Forte Teacher Certification is a comprehensive, two day program that teaches instructors of all backgrounds and abilities to effectively and safely instruct barre. Attendees will prepare and practice choreography, and spend extensive time performing, and cuing exercises. Great emphasis will be given to format, flow, cuing, and musicality. Barre Forte Master Teacher Trainers will be on hand to help you design an engaging, full-body workout.

Why Barre Forte Teacher Certification?
  • Learn to master the small movements that differentiate barre from ballet
  • No ongoing licensing fees
  • No requirements for participation
  • No re-certification requirements
  • Instant feedback and suggestions
  • No video testing requirements
  • No application process
What's Included
  • Two days of fast paced and engaging instruction, with over 14 hours of intense training
  • Participation in two Master Classes
  • Two complimentary classes at our Southmoor, LoHi or Wash Park studios
  • Comprehensive manual, including hundreds of pictures
  • Opportunity to create, practice, instruct, and perfect your choreography in a supportive studio environment
  • Certificate of completion
  • ACE, AFAA, and NASM continuing education credits
Cost and Registration

The cost of our comprehensive, two-day instructor training is $449. Register HERE .

If you would like to schedule a Barre Trainer Certification program in your own studio, CONTACT US for more information. 

Fees and Licensing

There are no ongoing fees associated with attending Barre Forte Teacher Certification. Once you master the format, exercises, and philosophies associated with our teacher certification, you won’t forget them. Should you fall in love with our friendly company, our mission, and our empowering workouts, licensing opportunities are available. We’ve helped owners open studios that represent their own unique brands, as well as the Barre Forte brand. Either way, we’ve been there and done that, and if it’s your goal to own a studio, we’ll help you do that too!


While instructors of all abilities and backgrounds will benefit greatly from attending Barre Forte Teacher Certification, experience instructing Pilates, yoga, dance, and/or barre is preferred. While attendees are not required to hold current CPR or Group Fitness Certifications to attend Barre Forte, both are required in order to obtain continuing education units. Most fitness providers require proof of current CPR certification and group fitness certification from their instructors. If you do not currently hold these certifications, plan to do so for your benefit and for the benefit of your students.


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions, complete our contact form, or call us at (303) 218-7777.

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