Just like any workout modality, results are highly individual and dependent upon several factors including genetics, your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of the studio, and the intensity, frequency, and duration of your workouts. We don’t make promises we can’t keep and always like to manage expectations. You will see and feel a difference if you are attending classes regularly and supporting your health, wellness, and fitness journey outside of your home studio walls. While we understand and completely support your aesthetic goals, we encourage you to embrace the mental health and immunity benefits that come along with your regular barre routine, as well.

Not at all! While barre is fundamentally rooted in Pilates, yoga, and ballet technique, there is no dancing, or prior experience or knowledge of any of these required. Our instructors are professionally trained, and demo and describe each movement in ways that will resonate with all fitness levels and backgrounds. If you need further assistance, please ask your instructor – they are more than happy to help you!

Other than grip socks, nothing is required. We recommend bringing a water bottle with a lid to stay hydrated throughout class.

With your doctor’s clearance, absolutely! We believe the low impact, strengthening benefits of barre can be a woman’s best friend – before, during and after pregnancy. While everyone is different, we recommend consulting with your doctor to ensure barre is a good option for you. Please let your instructors know that you are pregnant and after you’ve been cleared to workout after baby, so they can offer modifications throughout your pregnancy and post-partum.

You would be surprised how many women are concerned that they may be too heavy to participate in our workouts. No matter your size or ability, our instructors are able to offer you modifications. To ensure an effective workout, we recommend discussing your concerns with your instructor before class begins.

Yes! Learn how you can open the next Barre Forte studio HERE.

All Barre Forte studios are independently owned and operated, each bringing their own flavor and spice to their local workout scene. While each studio sticks to the bread and butter of the Barre Forte class formats, each studio is unique. Our classes are equally as hard as they are effective, and we like them that way.

We recommend wearing fitted, full-length or capri (knees covered) leggings and a top. We sometimes use equipment around our thighs, so shorts may be uncomfortable. Most clients choose to wear leggings with a tank top or t-shirt that are designed for movement. Form fitting options are best so your instructor can better see and correct your body alignment and overall form throughout class. Grip socks are required and can be purchased at your local studio.

All of our workouts are challenging, and all of them can be modified for beginners or intensified for those who need or want a challenge. Discuss your concerns with your instructor prior to class so they can recommend modifications before class begins. You are always welcome to ask for a modification during class, as well. If we all waited to workout until we were fit, we’d never workout!. Our business is to help you achieve your goals, and we can only do that when you take the first step and try a class. Our signature Barre Forte class is always a good option to start with and will help you establish proper body alignment and mind muscle connection, both of which will help you be successful in any other workout our studios offer.

With your doctor’s clearance, yes! Depending on the injury, barre can be one of the best workouts for active recovery;. however, share your concerns with your instructor before class and they will be able to so they can provide you with modifications. We also highly recommend seeing a physical therapist to discuss what types of exercise you should and should not perform. and shareing that information with your instructor before class.

Barre is for everyone and its benefits do not discriminate! If you’re willing to put in the work and like a challenge, it’s for you.

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