What You Should Eat To Complement Your Barre Workout

One of the hottest fitness trends right now is the barre workout, and many women, in particular, are participating in this type of exercise as it can give you a dancer’s body. It has been said that barre training has been around since the times of Louis XVI, and right now, people are signing up to get lean muscle tone and perfect posture. As with any other form of exercise, having a proper diet can help you achieve your fitness goals faster, and there are certain food items that you can consume to complement your barre workouts. Here’s what you should eat before and afterwards.


There has always been this debate regarding whether carbs are good or bad for you. But when you’re on a comprehensive diet and workout plan, it’s imperative to get some quality carbohydrates in your body to give you the energy that you need to sustain you during your fitness activities. Whole wheat bread, wheat pasta, rice, and starchy vegetables such as potatoes and squash are all good sources of healthy carbs. However, if you want to get a sculpted body, you will have to keep your portion size from one-half to 1 cup of carbs every meal.


Protein is one of the most important food elements that you can consume before and after your barre workout. Eating protein is essential when you’re toning your body, so plan on having a protein shake before you exercise. You can also get protein from consuming eggs, white and red meat, Greek yogurt, and nuts.


A tablespoon of heart-healthy fats or oils a day can help you feel full longer, which is why these are integral parts of a good diet when you’re doing barre workouts. However, instead of coating everything in butter, opt for healthier fats such as avocado, which can aid in weight loss and lower the risk of certain diseases among other health benefits. You can also get the good type of fat from olive oil and nut butters.

How to eat healthily when on a barre workout plan

Eating small portions throughout the day can help you achieve a strong and toned body. Snacking frequently on healthy fare such as fruits, yogurt, cut-up vegetables, and hummus is better for your body than eating big meals when you’re on a barre workout plan. It’s also advisable to cut back on sugary treats and drink lots of water to stay hydrated before and after your workouts.

A smart eating plan can do much to help you have a lean and toned body. Follow these tips to be well-nourished as you stretch and plié your way to fitness.