'Tis the Season for a Fitness Check-Up

The following post was shared with us by client, Tara McClanahan – a 2014 Miss Colorado United States Pageant delegate. Over the next few months, Tara will be working out with us at TBB to prepare for the bright lights and big stage…

So, as this past month and a half will demonstrate, it’s easy to create a diet plan and then only follow through with a fraction of it. As told to myself, “I’m going to eat more fruits and veggies, no red meat, drink more water, do more cardio”…and the list goes on. I don’t know about you, but if I do one thing from my workout plan in a day I feel accomplished…instantly healthier, instantly skinnier.

Not surprisingly, I never quite create that lasting change in my body that I’m seeking. We must remain consistent, goal orientated, and determined like the “Little Engine Who Could” which is easier said than done, of course. We know that sticking to our guns has proven better results (and as others will confirm, see: www.fitday.comwww.askmen.comexercise.about.com) in creating the healthy, sexy body we all desire.

Since I’ve fallen short this month of the goals I set before me, I realized I need to dig deep and find with some sort of motivation. What works best for me? Constructive criticism, I thrive on the stuff. CC is harder to come by when you don’t have a personal trainer breathing down your neck.


Along with that, I really cannot stand being called out to do what I already know I should be doing.

Yet, I’m clearly failing to meet my own goals if I continue to make excuses for everything. “I’m feeling a bit under the weather, a little chicken can’t hurt.” Or, “I was up far later than I should have been. I don’t need to go for that interval run – sleep is more important.” Where is the balance? Compensating for one thing allows for the entire routine to be skewed… and then we’re back to “Oh, I made it to dance class. I’m good for about… what, 3 days?!”

A lot of my friends and family know that I’m pursuing Miss Colorado United States in May of 2014. Furthermore, they are aware…like you might be…that I do not want to stand on stage in a swimsuit in my body’s current condition (a hot mess?!). So, here’s what I am proposing: hold me accountable. Let’s hold each other accountable. Get your sister, or your boyfriend, or your husband, (dare I suggest your mother?!) to ask you if you’ve met your goals this week. A simple “yes” or “no” will do. I’m not talking fancy charts and graphs illustrating how on Tuesday you had a piece of cake instead of your FiberOne bar and you therefore need a slap on the wrist… no! A simple reminder from the ones you love and from those who care about you will be nagging enough. 


I can relate closely to Paul Rudd’s character in “This Is 40” when he sneaks cupcakes throughout the film.

As women, we always have 110 bajillion things happening in our head at one time. Let’s simplify this plan and not make accountability yet another task. We already want to look and feel our best. We want to have more energy and fewer stretch marks, not to mention more flexibility and strength. So, if that handsome man comes back to you on Sunday morning with that question, “Did you meet your workout and diet goals this week?” You betcha that nagging voice inside your head is going to remember why you created a work-out plan in the first place!

Still, I’m doing it for me! Long term, a boyfriend and husband (The LGN – Look Good Naked Diet Plan!), and even longer term: kids. I want to be healthy for them, for me… just living my life and lookin’ damn good doin’ it!

Challenge: Start before Christmas! Ask someone to poke at you daily or weekly by asking you if you have met your goals. Hold me accountable here. I will [sigh] be completely honest in where I’ve succeeded and where I’ve failed! I’m also going to ask my former roommate to be my accountability person! Let’s make these upcoming holidays a true family event by sharing our fitness goals and being held accountable to reaching those goals. All the while, hopefully, managing to drop a few pounds or inches by being called out when we runaway from our workout plan… Ahhh, the joys of the season!

Please comment below or here on my blog and we’ll help each other out! Let me know your thoughts on how having an accountability partner has worked or not worked with reaching your fitness goals.