Chelsey's Barre Fitness Journey: Post #3

So I know this is a little past due… ok, it’s A LOT past due, but here’s what I have to say about my progress in the month of August; I kicked butt! Not only did I drop nearly five pounds, but I shrunk another quarter inch in almost all of my measurement marking areas 😀 Also, and this has probably been my favorite part of returning to the studio, my confidence levels reached new heights in August! I landed two new, AMAZING jobs, and even found the courage to ask a hottie out for a date. I’m not just “meeting my best” in the mirror, I’m starting to see it in everything I do. I’m not sure exactly where I’m going in life, but I know damn well that I’m on my way and that Barre Forte has helped me start moving towards life goals I never dreamed I’d be capable of going after.