Men Welcome At The Barre

The origin of Barre lies in ballet but this is the modern fitness craze that is highly beneficial
for both men and women as it strengthens core muscles while developing lean muscle
growth. Core muscle development is associated with alignment and stability helping to
make you less prone to injury. The barre is traditionally used in ballet training, especially
warm-ups. Used as support, it allows Barre work to be a low impact fitness activity which
is low risk for injuries making it a good choice for those who are injury prone.

Barre benefits men and women

There has been a notable trend in boys studying ballet. These days at the School of
American ballet 60% are boys as opposed to back in the 1950s when there may have been
only 2 boys in a class. This has led to many men feeling comfortable enjoying the benefits
of Barre. In fact, the interest in Barre goes as far the NFL, where football players are now
understanding the advantages of taking this class to strengthen and tone their core. Brian
Orakpo, of the Tennessee Titans explains “You think of women doing ballerina stuff. We
gave it a try and it kicked our tails. On the first day it was one of the hardest workouts I’ve
ever done.” Fozzy Whittaker is also a Barre convert, after his girlfriend convinced him and
some of his Cleveland Browns teammates to join a class back in 2013. The exercise is ideal
for NFL stars; they’re used to relying on their strength to carry out explosive moves, but
Barre challenges them to use their core in a more controlled way.

For the rest of us non-athletes, after a short time of attending Barre classes, you will find
your body changing for the better, your muscles will become more defined and your body
shape will seem slimmer but stronger. You should also find your energy levels seem
refreshed. Your clothes will seem to fit better and your general sense of wellbeing will be
improved giving you more energy and better control of your life path. After your Barre
workout, it is best to refuel with some high protein but lower carb foods to feed your
muscles. Also, make sure you rehydrate. You will feel relaxed and de-stressed following
your Barre routine.

Train like a dancer for shape and strength

The great thing about Barre is that you can develop a dancer’s poise, elegance and
strength, which will increase your overall fitness and health, but also provide a confidence
boost which is apparent for men as well as women. By researching and reading about the
benefits of post and strength that are developed during ballet, you will have no doubt that
this should be part of your life routine. Having good posture and body language can really
improve how people perceive you, even leading to better career opportunities. As
traditionally carried out in ballet, barre work will involve increasing your range of motion
leading to greater strength and flexibility, particularly in your lower half as the emphasis
will be on leg lifts to perform movements with precision. By holding the barre, stability is
maintained, increasing the strength of the core muscles.

Prima ballerina going forward

With strength and poise, you will be amazing whether male or female. With the current
day trend making Barre increasingly popular for men you may even make some new
mates while attending class, if not some new female friends could be very welcome. Get
yourself enrolled and enjoy all the benefits going forward.