Southmoor Park/Cherry Hills

Southmoor / Cherry Hills, Colorado

6895 East Hampden Ave | Denver, CO 80224
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In response to COVID-19, we offering On-Demand classes! Join us and experience the Barre Forte burn right from your home.

Our Southmoor / Cherry Hills studio is conveniently located on Hampden, east of I-25, at the intersection of Hampden and Oneida. Classes are held directly below AfterOurs Urgent Care and we have a private entrance located on the East side of the building. Both on and off street parking are free. Try us now for $10!


Classes Offered


Our signature barre workout is designed to trim, tighten and tone your entire body with an emphasis on defining your glutes and legs. By using small, controlled movements, isometric holds and high repetition, you can develop a strong, long, and lean physique in record time. The Barre Forte workout is also great for toning your upper body and core.


In this 60-minute high energy group class, you will use a mix of heavy weights, body weight, and full range movements that will strengthen and sculpt your entire body. Our kick ass barre moves will tone the rest!


Mini trampoline workouts meet Barre Forte in BAR(RE)BOUND™! Just 10 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 30 minutes on the treadmill, but is low impact on the joints. BAR(RE)BOUND™ incorporates a mix of rebounding segments and barre inspired exercises. Enjoy the benefits of burning up to 800-1000 calories per hour through rebounding, as well as the toning and tightening benefits of barre exercises.

Core & Flexibility

All levels are welcome at our core strengthening and dancer’s flexibility class. In the first half of class, our instructor will lead you through a series of exercises to strengthen the core and warm up your muscles. The second half of class focuses on stretches for modified to advanced dancer’s flexibility.


This one hour workout is designed to tighten and tone your glutes, strengthen and lengthen your hamstrings, minimize your thighs and define your abdominal muscles. By incorporating a variety of exercises and equipment, it’s the perfect class for addressing what most women identify as their problem areas.


Barre Groove is the best way to get a kick ass workout and wind down from your day! Fire up and strengthen your whole body with a challenging, fun mix of our classic Barre Forte style with cardio dance moves to groove, burn, and shake.

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