Guest Blog Post - Marlena Romero

“Today I will do what others won’t; so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.” – Jerry Rice, NFL Wide Receiver and Football Legend

Jerry Rice is a wise man.  This motto has helped me become a better mother, wife, social worker, and athlete.  It is because of my desire to better myself that I have found barre workouts.  In 2012, I was turned on to barre workouts by one of my colleagues who inspired me to venture outside my workout comfort zone.  Prior to trying barre workouts, I would run about 3-4 times per week, participate in local runs, and on occasion, dare to sign up for a half marathon.  I actually thought I was in decent shape, until my first barre class at The Body Barre.  I left with aches in muscles I didn’t know existed, but I left wanting to come back.

Fast forward 2 ½ years and I am still a devoted barre enthusiast!  In October 2013, I learned my husband and I would be welcoming twins to our family.  Throughout my pregnancy, I continued to practice barre workouts consistently but had to take a small break when my infant son and daughter came into this world a little early. I gained 40 pounds when I was pregnant with my twins (which felt very heavy for a 5’2″ frame) so I set a goal to run a half marathon exactly six months after the birth of my babies. In preparation for this I began running and returned back to the studio to get my barre on. Before I found barre, I previously fought off nagging injuries such as tendinitis and aching muscles. After I combined barre workouts with running those nagging injuries have practically become non-existent. I became stronger in my core, thighs, glute muscles, and upper body.  Barre really helped me increase lean muscle and lose weight quickly so I was back to my normal size in no time after the babies were born.

For me, there is a certain spirituality I receive from doing barre that I think comes from holding poses, breathing, and becoming physically stronger. Barre has increased my mind body connection balance and has helped me get through any tough days that try to sneak up on me. It’s always fun for me to go into the studio and receive words of encouragement from the teachers who support me and other barre devotees. In the past I would get bored with new workouts I tried, but now I have finally found one that I love to do so to me it doesn’t feel like working out. If there is anyone out there thinking of trying something new and possibly life changing I would definitely encourage them to try barre workouts and hopefully it will have as much of a positive impact in your life as it has in mine.