Get that attitude right!

A back attitude is one of the most challenging barre positions, in my opinion. There’s a lot going on. Tuck, lift, release, engage, etc. Especially if you’re new to barre, these cues leave you with a giant question mark. Here’s how to get into a back attitude:

Start facing a bar, sturdy chair or a counter top. Place the heels together and turn the toes to 10 and 2, like you’re creating a slice of pie. This is ballet 1st position. Next, hug the belly button to the spine and scoop the pelvic bowl upward, like your bringing the tips of your hip bones up to your lower ribs. In other words, tuck your tailbone. Keep this engagement and softly bend the knees (demi-plié). Draw your right foot straight back. Keep the hips square in front and draw the right heel to the left buttock. Point your toe. Keep your hips tucked and hug belly button to spine (the more you tuck your tailbone, the more your booty will work). The lifted knee should stay in line with or slightly behind the hip. Squeeze your right buttock to lift and lower the leg. 

For more of a challenge, relevé the standing heel and keep a soft bend in the knee.

With a correct attitude in your next barre class, you will get a nice lifted, toned booty.