Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pre-requisites for attending a Barre Forte Teacher Certification?

While instructors of all abilities and backgrounds will benefit greatly from attending Barre Forte Teacher Certification, experience instructing Pilates, yoga, dance, and/or barre is preferred. While attendees are not required to hold current CPR or Group Fitness Certifications to attend, both are required in order to obtain continuing education units from ACE and AFAA.

Is your certification nationally recognized?

Yes! Barre Forte Teacher Certification has been approved by American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a continuing education provider, meaning that Barre Forte Teacher Certification qualifies you to receive continuing education credits for attending the Certification from both nationally recognized organizations.

What is the difference between a barre instructor and a master barre instructor?

A barre instructor instructs barre classes at a gym or studio, while a master barre instructor teaches other to instruct barre and must be approved as a master barre trainer by any organization recognizing the certification program as a continuing education provider.

What can I do with a barre certification?

Whatever you want! Barre Forte alumni have ventured into many exciting endeavors. Some have opened barre studios, some have begun instructing barre for national yoga and fitness studios, while others have brought barre to already established Pilates studios, recreation centers, country clubs, and dance studios. Some Barre Forte alumni seek to learn only for themselves, and yet others have simply integrated the principles of barre into personal training or general group fitness classes. The possibilities are endless! Feel free to call us and discuss your personal goals. We remember how challenging the beginning of a fitness career can be, and we’re happy to give you honest advice about where to start.

Who typically attends a Barre Forte Teacher Certification?

Our attendees have varied backgrounds, strengths, and interests, yet are united in their passion to learn more about barre workouts. A typical Barre Forte Teacher Certification might include soon to be barre studio owners, yoga studio owners, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, yoga teachers, barre instructors, pole instructors, and general fitness enthusiasts.

Do I need to have a group fitness certification in order to instruct barre?

You should. Barre Forte Teacher Certification emphasizes safety specific to barre workouts. Some studios do not require their instructors to hold group fitness or personal training certifications. While this may be the case for a studio you instruct at or plan to instruct at, you should plan to obtain a group fitness and/or personal training certification. Both are necessary to understanding general fitness principles that are important for keeping your clients safe.

Is there an ongoing fee associated with maintaining a Barre Forte Teacher Certification?

No. There is no ongoing certification dues or licensing agreements to maintain your Barre Forte certification. Many certifications will require that you only instruct their format, their music, and use their name to promote your barre program. We’ll show you how to instruct to a proven and effective format, but you’ll have great freedom to use that format exclusively or in conjunction with other programs you choose.

How can I host a Barre Forte Teacher Certification in my studio?

Barre Forte has two ways in which they can bring a certification to your studio. 1.) Host a private certification exclusively for your staff or 2.) Host an open certification at your studio. Barre Forte will provide you with marketing materials to attract clients in your area, and will provide online and social media marketing to promote the event. Requirements for hosting an open certification at your studio: 1.) Ability to host at least 18 attendees 2.) Your partnership in promoting the event 3.) Wall or floor mounted ballet barres and other essential barre equipment.

Do I need insurance to instruct barre classes?

You and/or your facility will need to hold a commercial liability policy specific to the fitness industry. If you are independently contracted with the facility you instruct for, you must obtain your own insurance policy. If you are an employee of the facility you instruct for, you may be covered under their commercial policy. Be sure to ask them. Our studios hold commercial liability coverage and require instructors to hold a liability policy.

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