Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I see results?

Barre classes are known for transforming bodies in record time. However, results for all types of exercise are based upon body type, and, the intensity, duration and frequency of your workouts. We also recommend that you support your efforts in the studio with a healthy lifestyle outside of the studio.

What is different about Barre Forte’s barre workout?

Barre Forte’s barre workouts incorporate unique weight lifting exercises in conjunction with light weights and high repetition. The exercises are strengthening and lengthening at the same time. After overloading a muscle group, participants stretch the overloaded muscles to further lengthen them. The result is a long, lean look, rather than bulky. The use of a ballet barre allows participants to engage their leg muscles in a very different way than simply lunging, squatting, using leg machines or even biking or running. Still confused? That’s normal. You just have to try it!

Do I need dance experience to participate in one of your classes?

Definitely not. While many of our instructors have extensive dance backgrounds, exercises are explained using a variety of dance, Pilates, yoga and fitness terminology. We go out of our way to describe each move in ways that will resonate with all fitness levels and backgrounds. If you need further instruction, please ask!

What should I wear to workout in?

We recommend that you wear full length yoga or fitted capri pants. Most clients choose to wear tank tops or t-shirts and capri pants or yoga pants. Socks are required for class and socks with tread on the bottom are recommended. We sell them at our studios or you can purchase online.

What do I need to bring to class?

Other than socks, nothing is required. You may want to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated during class.

I am out of shape. What is the best class to try first?

All of our workouts are challenging, and all of them can be modified for beginners or intensified for those who need or want a challenge. Discuss your concerns with your instructor prior to class so they can recommend modifications before class begins. You are always welcome to ask for a modification during class as well. If we all waited to workout until we were fit, we’d never workout. Our business is to help you achieve your goals, and we can only do that when you take the first step and try a class.

Can pregnant women participate in barre classes?

Absolutely! We believe the low impact, strengthening benefits of barre can be a woman’s best friend – before, during and after pregnancy. While everyone is different, we recommend consulting with your doctor to ensure barre is a good option for you. Please let your instructors know that you are pregnant, so they can offer modifications throughout your pregnancy.

I have injuries. Can I participate in barre workouts?

Depending on the injury, barre can be one of the best workouts for active recovery. However, share your concerns with your instructor before class and they will be able to provide you with modifications. We also highly recommend seeing a physical therapist to discuss what types of exercise you should and should not perform. Share that information with your instructor before class.

I am a curvy woman. Do I need to lose weight before I try a barre workout?

You would be surprised how many women are concerned that they may be too heavy to participate in our workouts. No matter your size or ability, our instructors are able to offer you modifications. To ensure an effective workout, we recommend discussing your concerns with your instructor before class begins.

Where can I find a Barre Forte Studio?

Click HERE to find a Barre Forte studio near you.

How Do I Become a Barre Forte Certified Teacher?

So you want to teach barre? Learn how to become a certified barre instructor HERE.

Can I Open a Barre Forte Studio?

Yes! Learn how you can open the next Barre Forte studio HERE.

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