Evolve With Us - Big Change Coming!

Over the coming months, you’ll notice a few changes in our studios, on our websites and social media, and much more. While we can’t give away all of the details – yet – here are some of the changes you can expect:

  • Physical changes in our studios
  • Design changes on our websites
  • New messaging on our websites and social media
  • Changes to our marketing, photography, signs and more
  • Plus an announcement of new studio

You’re probably thinking “But I really like the body barre!” While our look is getting an update, our same great classes and instructors that make the body barre aren’t going anywhereHere’s what will remain

  • Our class schedule and class formats
  • Our amazingly educated and friendly instructors
  • Our fantastic customer service and commitment to our clients
  • Our fun and crazy studio atmosphere

So, why the changes? While we set out to be the best barre studio in Colorado, we’ve become so much more! When we started this journey, we never imagined that we would fall in love with our clients or that our Barre Sculpt and Burn at the Barre classes would become such studio staples.

We also didn’t expect that our barre teacher training program – barre forte – would become nationally recognized and help barre instructors around the country bring our studios to their cities (We also never imagined that so many other people would like the body barre name and use it to describe their studios).

Because we have evolved, we want to make sure that our name, our studio space and the many other things that represent the body barre accurately depict and describe the type of studio we’ve become with the support of our amazing clients!

Thank you, for being an integral part in the evolution of our company. We hope you’ll continue to be a part of the body barre family through our evolution and progression for many years to come!

To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing, and don’t paint the hallway orange. – Aristotle