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One Ingredient Foods – Great Weight Loss Secret!

One of the best weight loss tricks ever is to eat 1 ingredient foods! Think eggs, turkey, spinach, tomatoes. Put your 1 ingredient foods together and you have the perfect breakfast, that will keep you satisfied for hours.  The point is to eat real foods, rather than bars, powders, and weight loss products from boxes.
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Twinkies and Beef Fat

Just read the back of a Twinkies box, and saw that a Twinkie only has 150 calories. Surprising! Then I read the ingredients, also surprising! I am sure you would expect ingredients to include high fructose corn syrup, which they do, but did you know Twinkies have “beef fat” listed as well? Wowzer!
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New Studio’s Dance-Inspired Fitness Classes Offer Exciting, Effective Workouts DENVER – With long, lean muscles, a strong core and elegant physique, ballerinas are often seen as the epitome of fitness and beauty. Yet it doesn’t have to take years of discipline and workouts to achieve this same shape – instead, those in Denver need look
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Awesome Must Try Mojito

I must be the most blessed person on the planet! My Husband planted three types of mint last year, and I am reaping the benefits every time I enjoy his mojitos! He knows I am crazy about counting calories and he subscribes to a low-glycemic lifestyle. This cocktail recipe is a must try: Fresh Mint
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