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Men Welcome At The Barre

The origin of Barre lies in ballet but this is the modern fitness craze that is highly beneficial for both men and women as it strengthens core muscles while developing lean muscle growth. Core muscle development is associated with alignment and stability helping to make you less prone to injury. The barre is traditionally used
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Reasons to Include Barre Workouts in Your Running Training

During 2016 an astounding 16,957,100 runners crossed a road-race finish line in the USA. People run for many reasons: to lose weight, to get fit, to compete at a competitive level or simply for fun. Regardless of the reason, runners are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to become fitter and faster without putting unnecessary
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Creating Your Best Body With Barre Forte

For most people creating their best body can be a tricky process: at the most basic level, weight loss is just a matter of calories in vs. calories out, thereby creating a calorie deficit – but the quality of the calories and the way in which you burn them can make a huge difference to your
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Meet Jordan Kieffer, Barre Forte Wichita

Jordan is the owner of Barre Forte Wichita. Jordan was an avid runner for a number of years until she discovered barre, which was the perfect complement to her running routine. Jordan fell in love with barre and, as that love grew, she became interested in opening her own barre studio. That dream came true
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Tuck v. Neutral Spine

Barre’s Influencers Barre workouts are influenced by ballet, yoga, Pilates, and, of course, Jane Fonda. The influences of such varied disciplines allows us great freedom to pick and choose the most effective exercises from each of these disciplines. For example, I absolutely love Pilates based ab exercises (“C” shape curve of the lower spine), while
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Meet Amy O’Connell, Barre Forte LOHI/Riverfront Park

Amy O’Connell, a Colorado native, is a competitive runner – from 10k’s to 100 mile races in the Rocky Mountains and Alps – she loves pushing past her limits. She has a love for all things fitness and discovered barre as a way to build strength, prevent injury and improve her running performance. When Amy
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