Barre on the Court ? Nugs Vs Pistons Tickets Included!


When you think about the Pepsi Center, the first things that might come to your mind are great concerts, live events, and of course, the beloved Denver Nuggets. If youre a diehard Nuggets fan, the Pepsi Center is the place to be! But, what if you could actually be on the same court where the Nuggets play their home games? Thats right – youll be center stage on that shiny wood floor when you sign up for Barre on the Court.

Barre on the Court is a 60-minute barre class, led by the incredible Brena Kautz. Brena is the Director of Instructor Development at Barre Forte in Denver, and will be conducting this special class on the court on November 12, at 3pm. We cant even begin to tell you all of the awesome benefits that come with this event, but first, lets clear the air.

If youve never heard of barre workouts, they combine elements of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. If you have heard of it, you may think its just for women. And, yes – its a very popular workout program for women. But, the truth is, it will kick a mans booty, too!

Try comparing it to your next weight session at the gym, and see what leaves you feeling more taxed and fit – were willing to bet its a close race ? but barre will definitely be more FUN ? especially with friends! Taking this barre class at the Pepsi Center gives you a chance to try something new, grab your buddies, and settle in for a day of health, laughter, fitness, new friends and so much more. Youll be learning from an incredibly talented instructor, and you get to do your workout on the exact same floor as the Nuggets will play later that same night!

nuggetsSpeaking of which, the fun doesnt stop with the end of the workout. In fact, after your barre experience, youll have earned yourself a trip to the concession stand for your favorite treats, while you stick around and watch the Denver Nuggets play the Pistons. Youll be able to watch the game from the stands, knowing you had a spot on that court just hours earlier. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday, isit?

This one of a kind experience is truly something youll never forget, so be sure to bring along some friends, and enjoy every second of being on the court, to watching your favorite team play. Ticket prices include the class itself, barre socks, and of course – a ticket to the game! ?

Be sure to sign up by Nov 2nd to get the specially priced tickets for this unforgettable event at: ?Upper Center (300-Level) Just $27 (normally $34) and End Loge (100-Level) just $48 (normally $62 each)!

So, ladies – grab your men! Guys, grab your friends and well see you on the court!

Barre on the Court
Saturday, Nov 12, 2016
Class at 3 PM /Nuggets Vs. Pistons at 7 PMnuggets-pistons