Barre for Big Bellies - Exercises for Pregnant Women

Still want to participate in barre class while everyone else is exercising their abs and low back? Below are some ideas for exercises you can perform while the rest of the class is crunching, lying on their backs or even lying on their tummies. I recommend choosing 3 or 4 exercises you will perform during what would otherwise be idle time. Pics included.


-Knees under hips and hands under shoulders (table top)

-Inhale bringing gaze forward

-Exhale rounding chin to chest and pressing weight into hands



-Knees under hips, hands under shoulders (table top)

-Extend opposite arm and leg, while maintaining a long spine and neck

-Reach forwards and backwards with your extended limbs, while maintaining square hips and shoulders


Oblique Reach with Ball:

-Place ball on the small of your back, near the top of your pants

-Keeping shoulders out of ears, reach side to side


Standing Oblique Crunch, Leg in Full Extension:

-Stand parallel to the barre (profile), with the fingers of your outside hand placed loosely on the back of your head

-Keeping your inside knee slightly bent draw your outer thigh and elbow towards each other

-Be sure not to press your head forward


Standing Oblique Crunch, Bent Knee:

-Same set up as above

-Draw your knee and elbow towards each other

-Be careful not to press your head forward


Modified Side Plank Raises:

-Stack all joints, and bend bottom knee into a 90 degree angle

-Lift and lower bottom hip

-Can be done with or without your bottom knee bent, with feet stacked or staggered


Our next blog post will cover how to modify barre exercises when the weight of your belly becomes too great to perform frequently performed barre exercises comfortably.