A Guest Blog Post - Client, Hallie Lorimer

For years, I had been hiding behind baggy clothes and jokes about a true love affair with anything chocolate. I had lost my confidence along and needed something major to jump start my motivation. I had tried every diet and exercise fad around. I was spending serious money trying to find something to inspire me, something to ignite my desire for emotional and physical change. All of that changed last August, when a dear friend begged me to join her at the body barre. She had talked about it for months and swore it would be the answer to what I was looking for. She was right! the body barre has changed my life! After one class, I was hooked! After 1 week, I was obsessed. 6 months later, I have ditched the baggy clothes for slim fitting workout wear and I am finally fitting into my “skinny” jeans. My hubby has noticed the change as well which is a major plus!

Classes at the body barre are challenging but fun, the ladies are wonderful and authentic and the physical and emotional change is undeniable. For the first time in my life, I am strong! Not just my body, but also my mind. I feel in control of my body and I owe it to the body barre and all of the ladies there. If you have not tried the body barre, you are missing out. Find your confidence and join me there, you will feel BARRE-autiful too!

Hallie Lorimer