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Each of our studios features our signature barre class, Barre Forte. This empowering, energizing, and engaging workout is known for creating long and lean, yet powerful muscles, rather than bulky ones. Classes include small hand weights, yoga straps, therapeutic exercise balls, mats, and resistance bands to shape your body from every angle.

In addition to our Barre Forte workout, many studios feature a variety of other formats that compliment our signature format. These barre inspired fitness classes include yoga, Pilates, sculpt, HIIT and more. See below for descriptions of a few of our most popular specialty class formats.

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Our signature barre workout is designed to trim, tighten and tone your entire body with an emphasis on defining your glutes and legs. By using small, controlled movements, isometric holds and high repetition, you can develop a strong, long, and lean physique in record time. The Barre Forte workout is also great for toning your upper body and core.


The perfect option to get a great burn in quickly and effectively – Get ready for Barre Forte’s signature barre class – condensed to just 40 minutes to better fit your schedule!


In this 60-minute high energy group class, you will use a mix of heavy weights, body weight, and full range movements that will strengthen and sculpt your entire body. Our kick ass barre moves will tone the rest!


This class starts with our traditional Barre Forte warm-up and upper body workout. Then the heart-pumping fun starts! Adding cardio bursts between our classic thigh and glute barre exercises, Barre HIIT will raise your heart rate, helping you burn calories faster while strengthening and toning your entire body. The final portion of class will focus on core, cool-down, and an in-depth stretch.


Barre Fuzed combines elements of barre, dance and yoga. Exercises are high intensity and low impact, choreographed to fun and motivating music, and emphasize toning the legs and butt, as well as strengthening the core.


This one hour workout is designed to tighten and tone your glutes, strengthen and lengthen your hamstrings, minimize your thighs and define your abdominal muscles. By incorporating a variety of exercises and equipment, it’s the perfect class for addressing what most women identify as their problem areas.


Barre-lates is a fusion style workout that borrows from pilates, barre, ballet, yoga and more traditional cardio and toning. You will be guided through a workout designed for fluidity, function and renewed mental vigor. You will work seamlessly from one move into the next using isometric and high repetitions to build long, lean muscles and a strong core.


Ready to sweat? Barre-bata incorporate Tabata-style interval training with barre moves infused with additional cardio and core segments. Get ready to feel the burn at the barre!


Restorative Rolling or Myofacial release is used to treat skeletal muscle immobility and pain by relaxing contacted muscles, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, and stimulating the stretch reflex in muscles. The idea of the practice is to prevent injuries and heal areas of the body that experience the most wear and tear.


In this dynamic 25 minute ab blaster, you will sculpt and tone your abdominal muscles helping to trim your waistline and strengthen your core. We will work every abdominal muscle group including the lower back using mats, gliders, balls, stretchy bands, and weights. Class ends with a cool-down and stretch.


Our Barre X class, the only of its kind in our region, combines the use of a suspension system (amazing for enhancing core strength) and a traditional ballet barre. Prepare to be surprised by how deeply you will engage your core muscles as you work through a challenging series of barre and body strength moves.

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