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Transform Your Body

What is Barre Forte?

Barre Forte workouts are both dance and fitness inspired to trim, tighten, and tone your entire body. We follow the foundational principles of barre workouts by isolating, overloading, and stretching each muscle group, one by one, resulting in long and lean muscle tone. Our full body, low impact workout is the most effective way to transform your body and is a popular cross-training workout for athletes looking for ways to prevent injury and improve performance.

The Experience

We know trying something new can be intimidating, but everyone starts out as a beginner! No previous group fitness class or dance experience is required for our classes. While our workouts are dance inspired, we focus on form and improving your body composition by performing precise movements, not difficult routines. Barre workouts are both low impact and intense – the best way to transform your physique without hurting your joints. We constantly vary routines in our diverse class offerings, so you will never perform the same workout twice. Grab your sticky socks and join us at the barre! Find a studio.